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Permit Services Fees
Permit Services
We charge between $75-$150 to obtain permits. Our pricing is primarily determined by the distance we would be required to travel in order to submit the necessary paperwork. Once the paper work is submitted, the plans will go through the standard plans review process by the permitting county or township. Upon approval of your permit, we will either, fax, electronically or physically deliver the permit to your job site. Its that simple! No more fighting traffic or leaving your job site in order to obtain the necessary permits required to continue working. Let's us do the work for you!
We offer Notary Permit Running Services (NPR) to Construction Company's and Contractors including but not limited to Electrical, Building and Utility Contractors. We understand your "time" is valuable and you don't want to waste it traveling to and from the Permit Clerks office to obtain the permits required in order to continue your work. We will handle all of the leg work for you so you can continue to do what you do best in order to complete your contract jobs and make money!
If you have any questions regarding our NPR services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you.
What is an NPR
An NPR is a background screened Certified Notary Public who presents applications, plans or necessary paperwork for a project to a construction company, contractor or other local and state departments for their permission.

The NPR obtains the permit; then either faxes, emails or mails a copy to the contractor or physically delivers the permit to the contractor’s job site for a fee.

Why You Should Use an NPR Service
The primary rationale to use an NPR service is to save time in obtaining permits. Often construction company’s and contractors during working hours, will need to leave a job site to visit the Clerk Permits office in order to obtain necessary permit(s) for a particular job they are working on. Doing this can be very costly in time and money since in most cases it will require them to travel miles away from their job site to obtain the necessary permits required so they can continue working. 

By utilizing an NPR service, the construction company/contractor is afforded the ability of working systematically without disruption and in turn can focus their efforts more on what they do best…completing the job!